COMMITTEES 2017-2018
Jurisprudence Tactics Revision (114.2)
John Scott Harvey, PGC Paul A. Gehrman, PGC
68823 Hug Road, 2150 Antiquity Lane,
Summerville, OR 97876 Ontario, OR 97941-1990
541-910-3580 541-889-2018
HarveyJohn441@gmail.com spgehrman@gmail.com
John P. Ridenour, PGC All Grand Commandery Officers
Courtland B."C.B." Brooks, PGC
Garrett K. Cooke, PGC
Stanley C. Miller, PGC

Grievances & Appeals Education Foundation
Henry G.(Hank) Stockhoff Courtland B. CB Brooks, PGC
8338 Union Cove Hwy., No 237 1066 Fulton Street,
Union, OR 97883-9154 Coos Bay, OR 97420
541-562-5873 541-888-0805
hgstockhoff@hotmail.com Chandon7@frontier.com
Grant Sharp Scott Cameron
Ralph G. Winters Johnny Willis
Rynd S. Miller, PGC Robert Hoffmaster
Duane Homer Hickson Rynd Miller, PGC

Necrology Arrangements
Dan Strand Dalvin L. Hollaway GR, PGM
7885 NW Ridgewood Drive, PO Box 767
Corvallis, OR 97330 Canyonville, OR 97417
541-757-8732 541-839-4326
dhstrand@comcast.net oryork@tymewyse.com
William E. Hare Cary Pugh
Kevin Gladysz Grant Sharp

Expenses Place of Next Stated Conclave
Henry G.(Hank) Stockhoff Henry G.(Hank) Stockhoff
58338 Union Cove Hwy., No 237 58338 Union Cove Hwy.,
Union, OR 97883-9154 541-562-5873 No 237 Union, OR 97883-9154
hgstockhoff@hotmail.com 541-562-5873
Dalvin L. Hollaway, GR hgstockhoff@hotmail.com
Ralph G. Winters David D. Fuller
Ralph G. Winters

Credentials Grand Commander's Address
Courtland B"CB"Brooks, PGC John P. Ridenour, PGC
1066 Fulton Street, 59916 Novella Ave,
Coos Bay, OR 97420 St Helens, OR 97052
541-888-0805 503-397-4423
Chandon7@ frontier.com john.p.ridenour@gmail.com
John Scott Harvey, PGC Rynd Miller, PGC
Robert Worthington, PGC Stan Miller, PGC

Finance Membership
Ralph G. Winters Grant Sharp
20072 Ilmari Road, Box 335 Molalla, OR 97038
Clatskanie, OR 97016 971-570-6535
503-728-4609 gisharp@yahoo.com
Ralph@clatskanie.com Scott Cameron
Henry G.(Hank) Stockhoff Brian Lackey
Grant Sharp
Bryan Witt
Nathan Neff

Charters and Dispensations Distinguished Guests
Henry G.(Hank) Stockhoff Courtland B. "C.B." Brooks, PGC
58338 Union Cove Hwy., No 237 1066 Fulton Street,
Union, OR 97883-9154 541-562-5873 Coos Bay, OR 97420
hgstockhoff@hotmail.com 541-888-0805
Ralph Winters Chandon7@frontier .com
Michael D. Sullivan Robert Worthington, PGC
John Scott Harvey, PGC
Rynd Miller, PGC
John P. Ridenour, PGC
Triennial Conclave KT Magazine Supplement
Ralph G. Winters Dale Imbleau
20072 Illmari Road, 702 SE 70th
Clatskanie, OR 97016 Portland OR 97215
503-728-4609 503-252-8375
ralph@clatskanie.com Dale.imbpeau@gmail.com
Henry G. "Hank" Stockhoff Peter J. Stidd GC
Peter J. Stidd, GC Henry G. "Hank" Stockhoff

Holy Land Pilgrimage Inspector General
John Scott Harvey, PGC John P. Ridenour, PGC
68823 Hug Road, 59916 Novella Ave, S
Summerville, OR97876 St Helens, OR 97052
541-910-3580 503-397-4423
HarveyJohn441@gmail.com john.p.ridenour@gmail.com
Dan Strand All Past Grand Commanders
Grant Sharp

Investments KT Eye Foundation
Dalvin L. Hollaway GR Robert E. Worthington, PGC
Box 767, Canyonville, OR97417 2267 SE 38th Ave,
541-839-4326 Portland, OR 97214
oryork@tymewyse.com 503-789-4774
Henry G. "Hank" Stockhoff Thirtyeight9744@comcast.net
Cary R. Pugh All Commandery Members

Dale Imbleau
702 SE 70th,
Portland, OR 97215
David D. Fuller
Cary R. Pugh